• Experienced large scale charging station manufacturer
  • Over 10,000 DC Fast chargers installed globally and counting
  • Most durable hardware with reliable performance year-after-year
  • Maximum security network to manage your equipment
  • Flexible power output designs and connector configurations


  • Attract new customers who spend more (based on average income of electric vehicle owners).
  • Increase the amount of time customers spend in stores while they charge to maximize the amount of money they spend.
  • Provide extremely effective advertising resource utilizing customers' smartphones to deliver targeted offers that arrive at just the right time.
  • Allow retailers the option to generate revenue by selling charging time to customers.

Work Place

  • Attract and retain employees with unique features:
  • The equivalent of a 5% raise (based on average cost of gas).
  • Save EV-driving employees up to 2 hours a day in commuting by allowing them access to HOV lanes available in many states.
  • Automatically notify employees of charging/completion status via text message or web portal access to simplify sharing of charging resources.
  • Enhance company image as an environmentally-friendly corporation.
  • Accumulate carbon credits worth valuable utility rebates or tax deductions available in many states.

Multi Family

  • Attract high quality residents.
  • Retain those high quality residents for several years because they can't easily move.
  • Generate revenue by selling charging time to residents and guests.
  • Manage parking behavior.
  • Track and manage energy usage.
  • Charger comes with 2 year warranty, parts and labor.


  • Lowest Cost of Ownership + Best Driver Experience
  • Ideal for Curbside and Fleet Charging
  • Longest Service Life
  • Powerful, Low-Cost Network with Real-Time Reporting
  • Proven in Large City Environments
  • Fast Installation with Future-Proof Modular Construction